Music I’m into

I’m pleased to welcome James Apollo to the roster!

I recently made the acquaintance of James Apollo, and I’m happy to have him aboard at Anhedonia Management as a new client of mine.  His music is timeless and all the more relevant given the times we find ourselves in these days.  His new EP Little War, Little Less comes out June 5th, and you can check out his wonderful cover of Built To Spill’s “Big Dipper” (which appears on the EP) which Popmatters premiered last week.

Now this is how you do a pre-sale (and sell a van while you’re at it)!

Check out The Black Keys new commercial for their soon to be released album “El Camino”.  They’re stealing a play from The Beastie Boys playbook but that’s AOK by me….as it’s a fun and effective one.  Enjoy!

My new musical obsession: Foster The People

I heard the chatter about Foster The People coming out of this year’s SXSW, and thanks to Rdio, I was able to dig in and give a listen.  “Pumped Up Kicks” is this summer’s Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks”.  It’s that infectous.  Looking forward to seeing them when they blow through Nashville at The Mercy Lounge on June 29th.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.