Simplify or Die…or, well, maybe not Die, but Cry?

OK, so….

It’s a start of a new year…and while we all like to make our little resolutions and what not, in addition to that, I thought I’d share with you what I though was a killer approach to recharging and starting anew.

This article on Zen Habits really spoke to me…check it out here.

Not sure I’m brave enough to implement all of these, but I’m gonna give a lot of them a try…need to cut out the clutter a bit and refocus on the tasks at hand.  There’s far too many distractions in my hand at any given moment that can eat up my time and be wildly unfulfilling.

Instagram is my current fascination, but Facebook can occupy it’s hold as well.  Email is a constant distraction and never ending it seems…

Clearing your plate and starting anew is a good thing to do from time to time…and no time like the present…

What are some of the things that pull you away in unhealthy ways these days?

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