Watching the price of media fall…

From time to time, while I completely enjoy and digest all the chatter out there about the modern and every changing music industry, I like to look beyond just the music aspect of it and into the broader media element.

If you’re not familiar with Seth Godin, I encourage you to seek him out and spend some time with his many insightful books.  “Permissive Marketing” is a must, as he foreshadowed the era we’re currently in (the “direct to fan” approach, niches, etc…).
Seth wrote this interesting perspective just the other day.  In it he touches on the rapidly falling costs of production.  Something that we’ve had for some time in the music industry, but is just now finding its way into other media (film, TV, and books).
As we talk about marketing music, it’s unavoidable that we’ll have to consider the costs of both making the art and getting the art out into the world.
If it used to cost a TV network $4000 a minute to put a show on the air, what does it cost per minute or per song to put an album into the market place.
Something worth considering…

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