And this is why the big box specialty stores are on their way out…

Below are the reported figures that Borders owes to publishers, film and record distributors, etc…  Only in the world of physical produce would you see these sort of figures esclate into the tens of millions as they have here.  I’m sure Amazon doesn’t own Random House $33.5m dollars, as they order as they sell, in real numbers, not what they think they’ll sell (or, more to the point, what the distributor thinks they should sell).

Say what you want about digital media, at least you’re dealing in real and track-able numbers.  Lord knows I’ll miss the Borders here in Cool Springs right outside of Nashville; as I’ve spent many hours there…but the big box specialty stores have to change their ways if they’re gonna survive in the long run.

Penguin Putnam: $41.1m
Hachette Book: $36.9m
Simon & Schuster: $33.8m
Random House: $33.5m
Harper Collins: $25.8m
Macmillan/MPS: $11.4m
John Wiley and Sons: $11.2m
Perseus Distribution: $7.8m
Source Interlink: $6.9m
Twentieth Century Fox: $6.4m
Seattle’s Best Coffee: $5m
F&W Media: $5m
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: $4.4m
Sony Music: $4.3m
Workman Publishing: $4m
Diamond Comic Distributors: $3.9m
UMGD: $3.8m
Warner Elektra Atlantic: $3.4m
The McGraw-Hill Companies: $3m
Sony Pictures: $2.9m
Pearson Education: $2.9m
Rosetta Stone: $2.2m
National Book Network: $2m

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